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1 m Gamia Metal Landing Balustrade kit

1 m Gamia Metal Landing Balustrade kit
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Landing Balustrade kit for Gamia Metal spiral staircase.

Matches Gamia Metal spiral staircase kit. Makes up to 1 metre of balustrade depending on spindle spacing applied. The balustrade kit for the Gamia Metal spiral staircase is used as a guard rail around stair well openings, and other areas such as mezzanine floors which may need balustrade to prevent people falling. 

  • Each modular Gamia Metal landing balustrade kit contains 8 spindles plus 1 metre of Moplen pvc handrail, floor fixings and handrail end caps.
  • Height of balustrade = approx 975mm inc handrail.
  • Available in Silver-Grey to match the Gamia Metal spiral staircase kit.
  • Please see accessories tab above for baluster to baluster connectors and wall connectors etc. which are supplied seperately
* Subject to our standard terms and conditions. Orders placed on weekends and Bank Holidays will be dispatched the next working day. Non-Mainland UK deliveries can usually be arranged but cost extra - please call us or email for more information. 

How to calculate spiral staircase balustrading

In the UK most spiral staircase kits use vertical spindles in their guard rail designs. It is important to ensure you use the correct spacings between spindles so that the railing can be used safely. The building regulations state that there should not be a gap greater than 100mm between spindles. To make calculating the number of spindles straightforward, and to comply with the regulations, we use a gap of 99mm maximum for our examples below. If you need further assistance in calculating your balustrade then please email us or call our sales office - Contact us

The first thing to check is the diameter (width) of the spindles you will be installing - for example a Gamia spiral staircase has spindles 22mm diameter, and an Artemis spiral staircase has 21mm diameter spindles.
For our calculations we are using a spindle width of 22mm and a max spindle spacing of 99mm

1.  Firstly, measure the length of the gap that you wish to fill with your guard rail or balustrade.

2.  Next, deduct 99mm from your total measurement. Then divide the result by the width of a spindle plus the maximum spacing allowed. For example, if your balustrade is 1250mm long, and spindle spacing is a maximum 99mm, and spindle width is 22mm, the formula would be (1250 - 99) divided by 121mm (which is your 22mm spindle plus 99mm spacing) = 9.5 spindles. This is then rounded up to the next whole number, 10. So in summary you need 10 spindles to fill a balustrade length of 1250mm.

3.  To give the best aesthetic results you should space the spindles equally in the run of balustrade - they don't need to have the same spacing as on the spiral staircase, by the way. Simply multiply the width of each spindle by the number of spindles in the run, in our example this is 10 no. You have to add 1 to the total number of spindles, which gives you the total number of gaps between the spindles. Subtract the result from the total length of the run of balustrade.

The calculation in our example is;
10 x 22mm diameter = 220mm, where 10 is the number of spindles and 22mm the width of each spindle
1250mm minus 220mm = 1030mm, the total space left. 
If you divide the result, 1030mm, by the number of SPACES, which in our case is 11,  you get 93.6mm which in this example gives equal spindle spacing and also complies with the building regulations.
As previously noted other spiral staircase brands will use different spindle sizes so don't forget to adjust the calculations for the brand of spiral staircase you are installing.


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