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Universal Maxi 75U Modular staircase

Universal Maxi 75U Modular staircase
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Please note this is a made-to-order staircase, please see our terms and conditions for Modular and made-to-order stairs.
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The Universal Maxi 75U is a 75cm wide modular staircase which can be built in a variety of layouts to suit your available space. Price shown is for the basic staircase kit, which is supplied with a modular balustrade and handrail to go down one side of the staircase - additional modular handrail kits are also available.

The Universal Maxi 75U is in our opinion the best quality modular staircase kit you can buy. The balustrade and solid 50mm diameter beech handrail are outstanding quality - in our opinion there is nothing to touch the Maxi for quality and value. The Maxi is complete with everything you need to build a stylish and contemporary staircase. Unbeatable quality, solid beech (50mm diameter) handrail, with steel balusters, down one side of the staircase. Additional balustrade can be purchased for the other side of the staircase.

  • Solid beech hardwood treads in light beech or dark walnut stain
  • Choice of Silver-Grey, Black or White Steel components.
  • 75cm wide staircase, including handrail.
  • Under UK regulations the standard Maxi Staircase kit will fit floor-to-floor heights between 2110 and approx 2730mm. Adding tread kits can increase the total rise to a maximum of 3150mm.
  • 50 different U-shaped layouts can be built from the standard Maxi 75U kit.
  • Modular system with adjustable tread rise and going.
  • Adaptable and flexible design to suit your available space.
  • Straightforward to install with DVD and written manuals.
  • Riser bars should be fitted between the treads when children under 5 may be using the staircase. Riser bars are mandatory in Scotland.
  • This staircase is generally recommended for secondary use in a domestic property. We recommend that customers consult their building control office prior to installing any staircase to ensure the stauircase they have chosen meets their requirements fully.

* subject to our standard terms and conditions. This staircase is supplied to customers special order.


1 m Landing Balustrade kit for Maxi Staircase
Exc VAT: 124.96
(149.95 Inc. VAT)

Maxi External Railing kit
Exc VAT: 128.95
(154.74 Inc. VAT)

Universal Maxi External Winder Railing Kit available in a range of coulours to match your staircase
Exc VAT: 128.95
(154.74 Inc. VAT)