BS5395 Spiral Staircase Compliance

Gamia Spiral Staircase compliance document

1400mm and 1600mm diameter Gamia Spirals

These sizes comply with the requirements of BS5395: Part 2: 1984 and are suitable for use as category A stairs as detailed in Table 2: size of stairs. Both the 1400m and 1600mm diameter spiral staircase kits fall within category A, Small Private Stair, which requires a spiral staircase to have a minimum clear tread width of 600mm. The Gamia Spiral staircase range 1400mm and 1600mm diameter flights have clear tread width of 607mm and 707mm respectively.

Category A spiral stairs require an individual rise height of between 170mm and 220mm and both diameter flights work well within these parameters with adjustable riser heights of between 200mm and 220mm.

The individual goings for the two flights are as follows:

  • 1400mm Gamia Spiral Staircase Inner Going: 155mm Centre Going: 180mm Outer Going: 200mm
  • 1600mm Gamia Spiral Staircase Inner Going: 166mm Centre Going: 210mm Outer Going: 240mm

These measurements fall well within the requirements for Category A spiral staircases, which require a 120mm minimum inner going, a 145mm minimum centre going and a maximum 350mm outer going

1200mm diameter spiral staircase

If either the 1400mm and 1600mm diameter Gamia spiral staircase is too large for your available space, then the Building Control surveyor may approve the 1200mm diameter spiral staircase to be used instead, however we recommend you discuss this with your BC Surveyor before purchasing your staircase. A 1200mm Gamia spiral staircase will comply with all requirements of BS5395: Part 2: 1984 EXCEPT the clear tread width, which on a 1200mm diameter Gamia spiral staircase is approx 507mm.

Riser Bars

Riser bars are generally required for open tread staircases to meet current building regulations - riser bars fit horizontally at the back of the tread as a safety barrier to prevent small children from getting stuck between the treads. We offer riser bars on all our open tread stairs - you must select these from the options listed, they are not automatically supplied with the staircase. Riser bars can be fitted at a later date if the need arises or you do not want to order them at the same time as a staircase.