Gamia Baluster to floor brace

Gamia Baluster to floor connector
£44.95 £37.46

Baluster to floor brace for Gamia spiral staircase kits and landing balustrade kits.

Gamia Baluster to floor brace - one end attaches to the baluster spindle and the other end is fixed to the floor or landing. Used for longer runs of landing balustrade where some additional bracing is required, or on the bottom spindle of the spiral staircase to stiffen the balustrade if required.

We recommend fitting a baluster to floor brace where your run of balustrade exceeds 1.2m in length - for advice and information about this product please call or email our sales Team

  • Available in black or silver to match the staircase - suitable for all Gamia Metal, Wood and Delux Spiral staircase and balustrade kits.

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