Gamia Mini Landing Balustrade kit

Gamia Balustrade kit for Gamia Mini space saver kits - please select colour options from the drop down menu


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Gamia Mini landing balustrade kit with beech handrail

Finish your project in style by adding the Gamia Mini landing balustrade kit with beech handrail to stairwells, landing areas and mezzanines. Our balustrade kits are part of a complete system of balustrade and accessories, designed to offer a sturdy and stylish solution to guard stairwells and landings in your home.

Each Balustrade kit is supplied with a 1 metre beech hardwood handrail and 8 spindles with top and bottom fixings. Balustrade Kits can be joined together and are suitable for use with a square opening or mezzanine, or for gallery type landings. Designed for use in a domestic setting, you can add various accessories to suit your installation - for more information please email our sales team, contact details here

  • Available with White or Silver Grey spindles to match Gamia Mini and Bianco staircases.
  • Each kit contains 1m length of solid beech handrail in light beech or dark walnut stain
  • Height of balustrade approx 1m
  • Each kit will make appx 1 meter length of balustrade, and includes 8 spindles, 1m handrail, floor fixings.
  • Kits can be joined together to form longer runs of balustrade.

Connectors are available separately as follows:

  • Baluster to Wall connector - wherever you need to connect the balustrade to a wall, use one of these.
  • Baluster to Baluster connector - Generally used to connect the balustrade on the staircase to the balustrade kits, add one of these wherever you need to connect the balustrade on the staircase (usually one each side of the landing platform)
  • Baluster to Floor Brace - for individual balustrade runs longer than 1.2m, used to reinforce the balustrade and add strength. Add one for every 1.2m run of balustrade.

* Subject to our standard terms and conditions.

Customers should always consult their building control office before installing any spiral staircase, to ensure the staircase fully meets their needs.

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