Spiral Staircase Advice

General Spiral Staircase Maintenance schedule 

Once you have completed your spiral staircase or space saver staircase installation, there are a few general maintenance tips to be aware of.

1 week after spiral staircase, modular staircase or space saver staircase installation.

It is good practice to go round all the accessible fixings such as those which secure the spindles to the treads, and re-tighten as necessary. It is also good practise to re-tighten the main compression member at the very top of a spiral staircase. Similarly it is a good idea to re-tighten the bolts securing the top tread of a modular staircase or space saver staircase to the joist (these are the main structural bolts securing the top mounting flange to the joist or beam) as well as tightening the bolts securing the treads to the tread brackets to one another and to the underside of the treads.

3 Months after installation

On a spiral staircase, check and re-tighten all fixings where necessary.
Tighten the main compression member at the top of the spiral staircase.
Tighten the edge fixings which secure the through spindle to each tread on the spiral staircase.
Check the spiral staircase landing platform support brackets and tighten if necessary. Check and re-tighten the spiral staircase base fixings into the floor.
On a modular or space saver staircase, tighten the bolts securing the top tread bracket to the joist as well as tightening the bolts securing the treads to the tread brackets. Check and tighten the floor bracket bolts.

9 to 12 months after installation and annually thereafter

On a spiral staircase check none of the fixings have worked loose - general fixings to check are balustrade fixings and bolts, the top compression member, base fixings, landing bracket bolts etc.
Structural items on a spiral staircase, for example stair balustrade and landing brackets, should not be allowed to become loose or move excessively.
On a modular or space saver staircase tighten all bolts as necessary to ensure no components are loose or move excessively.


Clean spiral staircase and modular space saver staircase surfaces with a damp cloth, do not use abrasives or chemicals. Please note that colours on spiral staircase and other staircase designs can fade where they are subjected to direct sunlight. Do not expose your spiral staircase, modular or space saver staircase to temperatures in excess of 45 deg C.