Gamia Mini Plus space saver 1/4 Landing kit

The Gamia Mini Plus 1/4 Landing kit to fit the Mini Plus space saver staircase. Turns the staircase flight through 90 degrees

Add one or two landing platforms to form either an L shaped or U shaped staircase, greatly increases the versatility of your Gamia space saver staircase. This product is made to order.

Delivery: Estimated delivery Approximately 6 Weeks PLEASE NOTE the factory is closing for Christmas holidays so orders placed now will be delivered in 2022

£209.86 £174.88

Gamia Mini Plus quarter Landing kit for Gamia space saver staircase

Additional quarter landing kit for Mini Plus staircase. When used with the Mini Plus space saver staircase the quarter landing will form either a 90 degree turn for an L shaped staircase. or if two landings are used they will form a U shaped 180 deg staircase. Adding a quarter landing kit greatly increases the flexibility and choice of design available for the Gamia Mini Plus staircase, enabling this compact loft stair kit to be installed in even smaller spaces than before. Adding two quarter landings to the Mini Plus will provide an ultra-compact staircase which turns through 180 degrees and is even smaller than a spiral staircase, with added benefit that it meets building regulations too!

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