Gamia Deluxe Black Spiral Staircase 1200mm dia with REAL WOOD HANDRAIL

Gamia Deluxe spiral staircase 1200mm diameter, with real wooden handrail in natural beech finish. Features Solid beech treads in a satin varnished finish, with black column and balustrade for a classic look. Made to Order in Italy.

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Gamia Deluxe black spiral staircase with solid Beech Treads and beech hardwood handrail 1200mm diameter

The Gamia Deluxe wooden spiral staircase kit with solid beech treads and handrail is one of the most popular spiral stairs from our best-selling Gamia range, designed and manufactured by one of Italy's biggest and oldest staircase companies.

Featuring high quality solid beech treads and a solid beech handrail, the Gamia Deluxe range represents fantastic value for money. The modular construction makes assembling the Gamia Deluxe very straightforward, just standard "toolbox" tools required to build the staircase - just follow the installation video supplied with the staircase for a perfect result.

One of the great features about modular spiral stairs is the function to adjust the riser height to suit your floor levels - with the Gamia range you can adjust each tread to the millimetre, for a perfect fit every time. Now you can buy a staircase "off-the-shelf" and be certain it is going to fit - if you find your floor height is outside the range of the standard staircase, simply add extra treads by using the drop-down menu above. Not sure how many treads to order? No problem, either drop us an email with your finished floor to floor height or send an enquiry via our Contact Us page.

The standard kit is supplied with 11 treads plus a landing platform, which are adjustable for height so you can get a perfect fit. The range of adjustment is very wide, from 2250mm up to a maximum of 2760mm, which is ample for most UK properties. If you want to go higher you can add up to 4 extra treads to the staircase for a maximum height of 3500mm!

Treads are factory-coated with satin varnish to give a tough finish, and metal components are powder coated so you don't have to paint or stain anything, its ready for use straight out of the box.

The real wooden handrail supplied with the kit is made from 50mm diameter solid beech, finished with a clear varnish to match the treads. In our opinion, you can't beat the look and feel of real wood for a handrail, and at this price you would usually have to settle for a plastic handrail, so why not get the real thing instead?

All the components you need to build a complete staircase are included in the standard kit, and you can add a range of accessories to complete your project, such as riser bars, balustrade kits, connectors etc. We recommend a 1200mm diameter staircase only be used in situations where a larger staircase will not physically fit, if you have space for a larger diameter staircase we recommend you take a look at one of the 1400mm diameter or 1600mm diameter staircase kits.

Treads Solid beech 40mm thick factory-finished with clear satin varnish finish
Handrail Beech hardwood handrail to match treads
Metalwork / spindles Heavy duty powder coated finish with ABS moulded fixings
Clear Tread Width 507mm between centre column and inside of handrail
Dimensions Overall width of staircase is 1200mm diameter
Spindle Spacings Spindle spacings are less than 100mm in accordance with building regs
Stairwell opening size Minimum 1250 x 1250mm square, or 1250mm diameter round opening
Landing Platform Included - Trapezoid landing supplied with spiral staircase, ideal for a square opening, can be cut to suit round opening
Direction of Turn Staircase can be built either Clockwise or Anticlockwise during assembly

Layouts: For visual layouts of the staircase please use our Contact Us form - please include your finished floor to floor height

For information about balustrade and accessories, please click here....

Staircase is delivered in 1 shipping crate - Nominal size of pallet 1100 x 1000mm sq x 550mm high. Nominal weight 185kg.

* Subject to our standard terms and conditions. This staircase is made to order.

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Colour Black
Type Of Tread Light Beech Treads
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