Gamia Wood Spiral Staircase 1600mm in Black or Grey with matching handrail

Gamia Wood 1600mm diameter spiral staircase with beech treads, In Black or Grey with matching handrail, made to order.

MEETS BUILDING REGS BS5395 Category A for secondary use

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Gamia Wood spiral staircase 1600mm diameter with solid Beech Treads and smooth pvc handrail

Manufactured by Misterstep in Italy, this is our most popular model of spiral staircase. The steel and hardwood construction ensures that this staircase is tough enough for everyday use, year after year. The Gamia Wood is straightforward to build, and can usually be completely assembled over a long weekend. The height is adjustable to suit your floor-to-floor measurement - by using a simple adjustable spacer between the treads, you can easily achieve the exact height you want.

  • Simple height adjustment of staircase to ensure a perfect fit.

  • Fits an opening 1650 x 1650mm square or 1650mm diameter.

  • Balustrades meet UK building regs

  • Includes a Universal Landing platform to fit a circular or square opening. (Opening dimensions should be 50mm bigger than the staircase diameter, i.e. for a 1600mm staircase a square opening shold be 1650 x 1650mm, a circular opening should be 1650mm diameter).

  • Standard kit of 12 risers will achieve floor to floor heights 240cm to 264cm with a riser height of 220mm, in accordance with UK building regs.

  • Additional treads available to increase the height even further. Please see Extra Treads drop-down menu above for height ranges achievable.

  • Can be fitted clockwise or anti-clockwise - you decide when you fit it.

  • Vertical spindles for a contemporary look. Made from heavy duty steel for added safety.

  • Choice of Colour - Black or Silver-Grey spindles and centre column, with natural beech treads and landing platform.

  • Easy-to-fit pvc flexible one-piece handrail in matching colour.

Building Regs compliant?Yes - Meets Code of Practice for spiral stairs, BS5395-2 Cat A, under K1 building regs.
TreadsSolid beech 40mm thick factory-finished with clear satin varnish finish
HandrailOne-piece pvc smooth finish handrail for easy installation, in grey or black to match staircase
Metalwork / spindlesHeavy duty powder coated finish with ABS moulded fixings
Clear Tread Width707mm between centre column and inside of handrail
DimensionsOverall width of staircase is 1600mm diameter
Stairwell opening sizeMinimum 1650 x 1650mm square, or 1650mm diameter round opening
Landing PlatformIncluded - "universal" landing supplied with spiral staircase
Direction of TurnStaircase can be built either Clockwise or Anticlockwise during assembly

Layouts: For visual layouts of the staircase please please see the layout plan above under More Views

Staircase conforms to BS5395 part 2 1984 as a category A secondary staircase under K1 Building regs. Riser bars may be required to reduce the gap between treads to less than 100mm, if in doubt please consult your buidling control surveyor.

This product is made to order and is not covered by our returns policy

Staircase is delivered in 1 shipping crate, nominal size 1100x1000mm sq x 550mm high. Nominal weight 230kg

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Colour Black, Silver Grey
Type Of Tread Light Beech Treads, Dark Walnut Stained Treads
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