Gamia Deluxe and Argento circular balustrade kits

Beech circular balustrade for Gamia Delux and Gamia Argento

Each kit makes approx 1m run of balustrade, for longer runs order more kits, please see description below

This item is made to order, available to special order only

Delivery: Delivery is approximately 6 weeks.

£264.00 £220.00

Circular beech balustrade kit for Gamia Delux and Gamia Sorrento spiral stairs.

Spiral staircase landing balustrade kits look fantastic in the round, surrounding a circular opening. Use the Gamia spiral staircase landing balustrade kits to guard a circular stairwell opening.

1200mm staircase - make the opening 1250mm and order the 1250mm kits

1400mm staircase - make the opening 1450mm and order the 1450mm kits

1600mm staircase - make the opening 1650mm and order the 1650mm kits

This product is priced per metre length - please order the appropriate number of kits to make the total length of balustrade you need. If you are not sure of the quantity you need then please drop us a line using the "Contact Us" link at the top of this page

Subject to our standard terms and conditions.

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